Benefits of a Sit Stand Desk

Benefits of a Sit Stand Desk

The age of remote work is upon us. If you are making the adjustment to working from home rather than at the office, now is the time to consider using a sit stand desk. These desks have revolutionized the ergonomics of desk work. They allow you to work while standing - which burns 20% more calories - while also allowing you to sit when your legs get tired.
Here is what you need to know about a sit stand desk.

Is a Sit Stand Desk Really Worth it?

A sit stand desk is absolutely worth the cost. They lower your risk of weight gain caused by stationary work, as the average person burns up to 20% more calories working when standing. They also alleviate back pain caused by sitting for too long. When you stand and work, your spine is straight. This helps you to keep good posture and lowers the risk of injuring you back. There are even studies that link standing while working to increased mood and energy levels. It’s also just more comfortable to not be sitting all day.
Of course, standing all day can have it’s own problems. It can make your legs and feet hurt which causes you to be uncomfortable. That’s why a sit stand desk is absolutely worth the cost. It lets you reap the benefits of working while standing, and it lets you sit when your legs and feet get tired.

How Long Should You Stand at Your Desk?

Just as sitting all day has been proven to be bad for your health, so has standing. The ideal way to use your sit stand desk is on a 1:1 or 2:1 ratio. That means for every hour you work, you should be standing 30 - 45 minutes.
You are ultimately more aware than anyone else of what your body needs. Do what feels most comfortable and painless for you, whether that means sitting or standing for longer periods of time.

Ergonomics of a Sit Stand Desk

The sit stand desk is an ergonomic design work tool, but there’s more to it than just sitting and standing. Here are some pointers on how to ergonomically use a sit stand desk.

Keep Your Desk at Elbow Height

Your desk should be equal height to your elbows when they are bent at a 90 degree angle with your back straight with your neck and wrists in a neutral position. This also applies when you are sitting at your desk.

Check Your Posture 

Posture plays an important role in the use of your sit stand desk. Make sure to keep your neck straight and neutral without it slouching. Keep your shoulders relaxed, but not slumped.
You should also be in an upright position when you are sitting. Make sure the back of your chair is supporting your upright posture. Adjust your chair so that the cushion is parallel with the underside of your knees. Leave space the size of your fist between the underside of your knees, and the front of your chair.

Keep Your Wrists Neutral 

Your wrists should be in a neutral position. This means that they are extended, straight, and relaxed on the edge of your desk.
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