Makeshift Home Organization Solutions

Makeshift Home Organization Solutions

The impact of COVID-19 found the working world now completing their work from home. Many people who did not already have a home office suddenly found themselves creating a makeshift home workspace. Not an office, per se, but a creative and productive space nonetheless. 

No makeshift home office is complete without organization. It’s the glue that holds the remote-work world together. After all, what good is a makeshift home office if it’s filled with clutter? Luckily, Quick Ship Office has the organization solutions for your makeshift home office.

One of the best parts of working from home is building your own work space. You can be creative, and you can be comfortable. You have the freedom to build out your space to your own preferences instead of the one-size-fits all cubicle.

Every great home office needs organizational tools that are built with functionality and usability in mind, while also not taking up any unnecessary space. Quick Ship Office has the minimalist home organization tools you need to build out your personal remote workspace. 

Slyde Omni Mobile Home Organizer


The Slyde Omni Mobile Home Organizer is the mobile storage pedestal of the remote worker’s dream. It doubles as both a single door filing cabinet and additional side desk space. It comes equipped with a shallow TOTem felt organizer that serves as an additional portable top drawer.

It’s a great solution for closed off home offices and makeshift living room workspaces alike, providing a mix of both fixed and portable storage. Take the TOTem felt organizer with you while you enjoy an out-door work day in the sun. 

This home organizer even has high casters so that you can mount it over your desk legs, allowing you to park it in place.

Slyde Versa

The Versa drawer was designed with the new era of the home office in mind. It provides remote workers with a lockable storage solution, no matter where in your home you are working. It has compartments for each remote working necessity including electronics, stationary tools, and personal effects. 

This cost saving makeshift home organization solution even comes equipped with electrical outlet and digi lock (optional), as well as USB docking stations. You can use it both as a slide out storage solution, as well as a latched-on and locked-in addition to your desk. 

As your remote working space grows, so does your Slyde Versa storage solution. Fixed with convenient movable magnetic dividers, it’s ready to make room for your new work accessories. 

Slyde Drawer 2.0

Looking for that perfect storage solution for your electronics? You’ve found it. The Slyde Drawer 2.0 is perfect for storing smartphones, tablets, or your laptop. It’s got the room to fit your electronics, your stationary tools, and your charging devices as well. 

It comes equipped with its own outlet plug in as well as a USB charging receptacle. Slim and convenient storage. That’s what you’ll get with your new Slyde Drawer 2.0. Built for the minimalist at heart, it’s functional without any unnecessary excess. It’s a great addition to any home office.

Quick Ship Office grants those working at home the opportunity to enjoy Slyde Innovations' products and optimize their storage options. Inquire with Slyde Innovations to equip your work place with these modern storage solutions for dense open plan office spaces.

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