QSO Desk Dock

Workstation divider and storage


Open-plan workspaces are here to stay and employees need new ways to establish their daily territory. Cue the Desk Dock desktop organizer and charging station. With optional backing and inserts, you can organize your work, personal, and digital items with ease. Use inserts as a holder for your pens, paperclips, wires, or snacks. You do you. The sturdy metal structure ensures the divider won’t tip and sits securely in place. The Desk Dock's charging capabilities also make it a modern workplace essential.

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Introducing your new workplace essential. Even in offices embracing hoteling and fluid workflow, employees still need a way to own their space, which is now possible with the Desk Dock workstation divider, either at 23” or 29” in length.

Easily manage, store, and charge digital devices, all while creating a mini barrier between you and the next person. It’s not personal - we all need a way to stay focused and personalize a workspace. Let the Desk Dock assist you in doing so. Or the Desk Dock 2.0 for more range.



• Dimensions: 23”(l) x 6”(w) x 6”(h) | 29” length option

Optional backing at 12.2” high

• Wire management capabilities

• Sturdy metal structure

• Incorporated outlets

• Customizable