QSO Essentials Laptop Drawer

Easy, attachable laptop storage




Meet the David taking on Goliath: our compact but powerful laptop drawer is here to save the day! This sleek and minimalist design, available in a variety of vibrant colors, is the perfect addition to any workspace. It's like picking out your favorite superhero outfit – just choose your color, mount the Essentials Drawer to your desk, and start storing your essentials. And for that extra layer of security, don't forget to lock it up when the day's work is done. It's accessibility and style rolled into one!

But hold on, if you're on the hunt for a storage powerhouse, we've got the Goliath in the form of the QSO Drawer. Because who doesn't love options? Take a closer look, and you'll find some cool extras, like a charging dock!

The QSO Essentials Drawer is your flexible friend, compatible with almost any desk system, including Herman Miller Renew, Motia, Nevi Link, Steelcase Turnstone, Fusion, Ology, Haworth Planes, Intuity, Allsteel, Altitude desks, and more. While options like Herman Miller OE1, Tu, Ubi, Steelcase Soto, and Allsteel Radii are fine for basic storage needs, the Quickship Essentials Drawer is tailor-made for hybrid and hotel office spaces.


With a sleek 2” vertical profile, the QSO Essentials Drawer comfortably stores laptops and digital devices while giving you ample legroom. It even comes with a trusty key lock to keep your stuff safe. Whether you're at the office or working from home, the Essentials Laptop Drawer adds that touch of dynamism and tidiness to your workspace, all through its simple and elegant design. Why complicate things when you can keep it sleek and stylish? 🚀🌈



• Dimensions: 19.5” front panel (16.25” internal) W x 10.5"D x 2" H

• 2” vertical profile

• Easily fits a 15” laptop

• Standard key lock included

• Range of color customizations

l through simple design. Why overcomplicate things?


Essentials Drawer white.jpg