Tips for Being a Work at Home Rockstar

Tips for Being a Work at Home Rockstar

Has your job found you part of the new work-at-home world? While remote work is in no way new, it has exploded in popularity since COVID-19 shut down in-office work. It presents its own set of benefits, as well as challenges. Our homes can be full of distractions that can make it hard to be productive.

Our home has been our safe space, our refuge from work, so it can be challenging to get motivated when you find yourself working in a space used so long for relaxing.

Here are some tips for how you can get over the hump of finding motivation and being productive, and become a work-at-home rockstar.


Get Organized

The first step to becoming a work-at-home rockstar is to get organized. Your workspace does not need to be fixed to one location, but it should have everything you need, readily accessible. Take a moment to think about everything you need to to get your work done. Do you work more on a laptop or a tablet? Do you need both of these? How about accessories like a mouse, keyboard, and chargers? Are you someone who can’t work without music? Then you might need headphones.

Whatever your list of work essentials might be, get them all in one place. If you enjoy working in various places in your home, or even outside, considering purchasing a portable workspace tool. The TOT’em is one of the best portable workspace tools you can find. It has the space for all your work essentials, and handy built-in features like a wireless charging mat. 

Check out the TOT'em for your creative workspace.


Not only is it important to have an organized home workspace, your position and posture when you are completing your work is equally important. The mechanics of your posture - especially when it comes to your position while working - is called Ergonomics.

One of the biggest tools that ergonomic experts suggest is a sit stand desk. This is a desk that is adjustable to the specific position your body needs to be comfortable and in good posture. It allows you to work either while standing or sitting. Ergonomic experts suggest a sit to stand ratio of 1:1 or 1:2. This means that you should stand for 30 - 45 minutes for each hour that you work. Check out our review on the benefits of a sit stand desk.


One of the biggest benefits of working from home is a flexible schedule with extra time that was once spent getting ready and commuting. Make the most of the work-at-home lifestyle by building daily exercise in your work day. You don’t have to do much. A brisk 20 minute walk is enough to get your blood pumping. This can boost your mood, energy levels, creativity, and productivity. 
You can also take short 10 minutes breaks between your work assignments and do push ups, jumping jacks, or even just stretch. Exercise breaks, both short and long, are an excellent way to compliment your working ergonomics.

Your Creative Workspace

The possibilities are endless for creating and adapting your work at home space. Remember to remain organized, clear the clutter, and to remove yourself from your workplace when you need a break. At Slyde Innovations, we house the best contract office furniture and ensure that your work at home office can benefit from our selection through our eCommerce store.

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